4 Ways To Better Explain Complex Ideas To Your Audience

4 Ways To Better Explain Complex Ideas To Your Audience

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Proprietary IP (intellectual property) can be many things. The term is no longer relegated to just patents, trademarks and published material—property for which you’ve filed legal ownership with a government agency. It also represents everything you include in your online platforms, as well as peripheral material used to describe your product or service to clients/customers, and sales collateral. Those are inherently copyrighted by your organization, as its implied property.

With this broader categorization of IP, let’s examine how some of it could be poorly explained and, therefore, get lost in translation for your most important audience: those who pay you or are considering your service.

Any organization that’s worth the time and effort to build and operate will need to perform in order to justify its existence.

One of the most important ways to add gravity to your endeavor (especially early on) is to capitalize on all your proprietary IP. Put it on display and make sure its value is appreciated. And most important of all: Make sure it’s understood and that it somehow resonates with the reader.

Here Are 4 Ways to Better Explain Complex Ideas to Your Audience

1. Patents

While trademarks are self-explanatory because they’re visual (“marks” of a specific design such as logos and tag lines), patents are not. But patents are a crucial part of an organization in sectors such as tech, manufacturing, pharma, agriculture, etc.

We understand that some patents represent peripheral components or parts that may not seem groundbreaking showcased on their own (or may be redundant in some way). However, if it was important enough to patent it’s probably impressive enough to talk about—at the least, as a group or concept.

You may already have a list of patents on display, tagged with explanatory blurbs on your website and brochures. More likely, you’ve published scientific research, or a trade group has showcased it for you some time ago.

Be sure to translate the technical writing into highly readable and understandable form. This is tricky for many organizations because of the “forest through the trees” syndrome: insiders think from an insiders’ perspective and may not realize their “translation” is still too complex for a layman, or miss a salient point that could make a user think, “Hey, this is cool!”

Berean Delta is no stranger to complex processes in diverse sectors.

And we’re certainly no strangers to creatively translating the complex into the highly readable. We can help you display and parlay your patented ideas to optimal exposure. Giving credit where credit’s due, for all to see and understand.

With a minimum of words (we’ll choose just the right ones) embedded within visually pleasing infographics, your patented IP will make a lasting impression and pop on a digital platform.

2. SaaS or DaaS

Software as a Service and Data as a Service are meant to simplify our lives—once we understand how they work, that is. They often have many benefit levels, depending on how much you’re willing to spend. They also require significant set up time for customization: data entry, template building, etc. If it’s a really complex system, you may even need training.

How do you grab a potential user of SaaS or DaaS without making their eyes glaze over? Without them likening its implementation to swimming in a pool of mud?

Some of the most popular providers have great websites that grab your attention—and importantly, your comprehension. Visit intercom.com or slack.com for a quick look at two of our favorite examples.

What do you see? Plenty of white space, energized colors, targeted word choices, visually pleasing videos. You think, “Hmm. I need this.”

It takes a lot of thought and understanding to teach a layperson why your system will be an invaluable addition to their organization.

You may not have the kind of marketing budget the big guys have. This is where Berean Delta can step in. We understand the importance of software and data systems. We also understand a variety of business needs and how they utilize automation for efficiency on many fronts.

Berean Delta can tackle all the complex pieces of this puzzle and help you translate exactly what your future clients/customers/users need to know in order to assess compatibility or need.

3. Training Manuals

Whether you’re teaching staff, clients, OEMs, etc., your training manuals should be as intuitive as an iPad (which doesn’t come with a manual but everyone figures out how to use it anyway). That’s not always easy to do.

Berean Delta will work to methodically lay out your manuals so the reader will understand every important aspect of the material—with full respect to its accuracy and/or compliance protocols.

Again, the right word choices are important.

Also important: get rid of the fluff and just give them the stuff! That’s another one of our specialties. As wordsmiths, we relegate fluff to what’s in a pillow, not what’s on a page.

4. Website Copy

If you have a relatively complex product, it’s easy to fall into the trap of overloading your website visitors with blocks of words. While it’s sometimes necessary to deeply describe what you make or do, too much information on your Home page will be counterproductive. Site visitors will be overwhelmed and likely not read any of it.

To ensure you don’t ramp up your bounce rate, keep visitors in your site longer by ranking your information flow—not only in the order of importance but also in the order of macro first, micro later (on a different page is best, or even in a blog or white paper).

Berean Delta will make sure your website begins with the 30,000 foot view and zooms in under the fold.

The most important reason for the visitor to be on your site will be the first thing they’ll see. As they get drawn down your page, scroll by scroll, more and more information is doled out.

Save the details for a “Read More . . .” link. Let the users decide if they want the details now or later. They’ll usually pick and choose what’s most relevant to them after they do a quick overview.

Importantly, showing the “Read More . . .” gives them confidence to keep scrolling and come back to get the details.

This is a great way to keep users in your site. Most noteworthy, start garnering respect for your organization, trust in your service or product.

Those are just some examples off the top of our heads. There are many instances when the complex needs surgical streamlining.

If your proprietary IP isn’t resonating, give Berean Delta a chance to show you the power of targeted communications.

Achieving that “Aha!” moment doesn’t have to be daunting. Berean Delta can carry that load and help you better explain complex ideas.